Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Things I don't enjoy about Sex and the City

 After watching numerous episodes of Sex and the City lately (late bloomer, I know), I’ve discovered a few things I don’t like about the show (and believe me, I’m LOVING it):

The four girls would never be friends in real life

Seriously. You only have to take a look at your own group of friends to realise this. However if you do, in fact, have one friend who’s a slut super close with a prude-ish friend then I stand corrected. But really, why would a slut be friends with a prude and also a career driven redhead and a ditzy girl who’s basically the carefree party animal who can’t commit?


She’s great. She inspired me to get off my ass and start a blog but SHE IS SO ANNOYING. She represents everything I dislike about females. She’s needy, possessive, only talks about herself and has an annoyingly high-pitched baby voice for someone in their mid-30s. Oh and something has to be said about her fashion. She is NOT a fashion-ista. Fashion-distasta? Yes. She dresses like a kid let loose in a costume store. If I saw her in real life I would probably dissolve in a fit of hysterical laughter. I get that she’s supposed to be daring and cute, but seriously some of those hats? No. Just no. And a green skirt with what looks like an overgrown bunny tail on the back? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT.

 Also, how does she walk in those shoes?

And I’m sorry, but she’s a columnist. What I’ve learnt in my journalism studies is that writing doesn’t pay much. Yes, she’s sold a few books BUT she lives in a big apartment in the middle of NYC, never wears the same clothes twice, can afford $400 shoes AND seems to eat every possible meal out. Yeah, okay. 

Just one more thing. She dumps Aidan - the seemingly perfect guy (nice, attractive, loves her) for Mr Big (dumped her many times, player, selfish). Good job Carrie. Good. Job.

They still go to clubs

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being forty and fabulous. But if I’m out and I see older women hanging in the same bars and clubs as me then I think ‘dafuq?’ You are OLD...er. You can still go to bars, but don’t go to ‘the-hottest-bar-right-now’. DON’T. It’s going to be full of twenty-somethings, and I can assure you definitely not forty-somethings. Go out, have fun, just don’t hang where I am and please for the love of God wear something that is age appropriate. You are not a MILF. You are not a cougar. You are trying too hard.

 And I’m sorry but in both the movies they all look like their faces have been pinched. Lay off the Botox ladies.

Anyway, as an insight into how I spend my sad sad time, welcome to post 1: what annoys me. But ciao my interwebz friends, I’m off to see who Carrie’s dating this episode...

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