Monday, 22 October 2012

Legally Bronze

If there’s one thing Aussie’s know how to do, its fake tan.

Getting that perfect golden glow isn’t easy (and sometimes we look more Jersey Shore, than “I’ve just come back from a holiday to the Greek Islands”).

But since summer is just around the corner, and as someone who’s probably tried on more fake tans than shoes (and who’s sheets and bathroom are permanently stained orange), here’s the low-down on what works...and what really, really doesn’t.
1.       Le Tan Fast Tan Spray and Lotion ($)
Probably the most used fake tan of them all (and why not, because it’s cheap). But I went through a (waaaaay too long) stage of using this stuff (spray and lotion) and truthfully, I looked like an oompa loompa. It’s orange, it smells, and it comes off patchy. Naaaaaaht a good time.

2.       Sugar Baby Instant Tanning Spray ($)
I used the spray and it looked great! Can’t complain. It even smelt good (mmm coconuts)! It comes off patchy though and it hurts to exfoliate it off (ouchies). But good for a quick night out fix.
3.       Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan (wash off) ($)
Super cheap (like $4), but has orange tones. It stains your clothes too. You’ve been warned.

4.       Hissy Fit Tanning Lotion ($)
Got this baby from David Jones and it gives a great golden colour that lasts for a couple days. Only problem – the lotion is clear so WASH YOUR HANDS! I didn’t wash mine right and had tell-tale signs of fake tanning stained between my fingers for a week.

5.       Dove Summer Glow ($)
Good for virgin-tanners. Blocked my pores. Takes a while to get a deep tan. Not a fan.

6.       Australis Instant Bronzer ($)
I used to use the mousse over another tan to make the tan-ness more intense. It worked. And it’s cheap, so why not.

7.       St Tropez Tanning Mousse ($$)
Probably one of my faves. I tried the lotion a few years ago and used it every day and looked like an orang-utan. I’ve since toned back to two times a week. It works a lot better.

8.       Model Co Spray Tan ($$)
Beautiful colour. Bit exxy (costs less to get a profesh tan done). Will stain your bathroom. Proceed with caution.

9.       Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Tan ($$)
Gay name. Awesome tan. I use the 2 hour tan and its AMAAAAAAAAAZING! Seriously. You legit glide the mousse (smells delish) over your body, leave for two hours and then wash...and voila! tan. As someone who hates forgetting to tan the night before a night out, this is my beautiful little secret that (to me) is the best thing since Cadbury Marvellous Creations

10.   SUN Tanning Lotion ($$$)

One of the first tans I fell in love with. It gives a beautiful, natural looking brown colour and lasts for aaaages. It’s only available online though...Christmas present anyone?

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