Sunday, 11 November 2012

Valentino's Vise Vords

“Fashion should not ridicule women” 

 - Valentino Garavani

Well-known luxurious italian designer Valentino Garavani has told UK Marie Claire’s Dec 2012 issue that he hates how the fashion industry treats women.

He told the interviewer:

"There is a time to show the legs and to show the cleavage, but it's about the cut. Clothes should not ridicule a woman; should not make them a fashion victim. What happens too much in fashion today is that designers design for themselves. I always designed for women."

He went on to slam some of his fellow designers (read: competitors), saying that they make women look like fools.

"Fashion has become so mass market, with copies [of designer items] in every department store - maybe that's why there is an interest in something that is unique and difficult to get. When I started, couture was only for women of a certain age or who had money but, now, all the Hollywood actresses want is couture, couture, couture."

His collection of lines include Valentino, Valentino Roman and R.E.D Valentino.

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