Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beautiful hairless creatures

Type into Google ‘beautiful naked woman’ (yes, I actually Googled that) and immediately you’ll be bombarded with images of women with no hair on their bodies.

With the exception of head hair (which should be long and flowy), society (and Google) is continuously telling women that no hair = sexy.

No arm hair, no leg hair, no hair down there.

But where did this pressure come from and why do we feel the need to spend so much $$$ on waxing, shaving and laser treatment?

In 2003 The Economist published an article about women with no hair ‘down there’. This was the beginning of the hair free women-era and the youngest girl the hairdresser interviewed had waxed was 12. TWELVE.

Back then they thought it might have just been a fad. But here we are nine years later still doing the same thing.

What is our culture coming to if a TWELVE YEAR OLD feels the need to get waxed? Didn’t she only just hit puberty blues?

Yes, women are supposed to be the fairer sex and delicate creatures with soft and smooth skin but STILL.

Is it porn? Celebrities? Movies? Magazines?

The double standard? (of course there’s one)

For men, hair = manly. 

So what we can gather from this, I guess, is that even though it’s completely natural to have body hair, you shouldn’t have it (if you’re female) – and beauty is pain, right?


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