Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Curvy is the new skinny

A model that actually eats! 

Wait, what? 


Sydney stunner and size 16 model Robyn Lawley, 23, has become the first EVER plus-sized model to star in a modelling campaign for Ralph Lauren, proving that those big booty bitches are B-E-A-utiful.

Apparently Lawley caught the fashion label’s attention with her curvy figure, and Ralph Lauren want to start targeting ‘bigger’ women.


The leggy Lawley says she is “big boned”, has been modelling since she was 16 and “I used to be told to lose weight and exercise all the time. I got a huge amount of pressure to diet. 

And my body, it was such a battle for me to do that because I’m tall and I’m broad. I really struggled to maintain that size.”

Lucky for us she is a beautiful girl with boobs and a booty and has covered Vogue and Elle.

She’s gotten some criticism from the Brits, claiming she’s too airbrushed but “I’ve given up caring what people think,” she says.

To maintain her bod she swims three times a week and lives with her law student boyfriend in New York.

You go girlfriend!

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