Sunday, 12 May 2013


“We mistake sex for romance. Guys are taught that pushing a girl up against a wall is romance. Sex is easy; you can do it with anyone, yourself, with batteries. Romance is when someone you like walks into a room and they take your breath away. Romance is when two people are dancing and they fit together perfectly. Romance is when two people are walking next to each other and all of a sudden they find themselves holding hands, and they don’t know how that happened.”
—John C. Moffi 

Falling in love is a bit like diving into one of those ball pits they have at children's playgrounds. At first you hesitate because, holy shit, it's scary and those plastic balls look like they could hurt. So you back away slightly, and you question what's about to happen. You look around you and you see so many happy people who have fallen head first into the pit, smiling, playing and happy. Yet you stand back and watch, still too scared to jump. Then, before you even realise what's happening, your body propels itself into the ball pit. You free fall for a moment and then land into a soft squishy pit of fun. You wallow around in happiness wondering how the hell you could have ever been scared and you soak up everything you were missing before. You float around in the ball pit oblivious to the outside world. Your friends forget your name, and you forget theirs. You're happy here. But really, you were happy before you fell into the ball pit - and you can be happy without it.

My point is: don't rely on someone else for your happiness. Most people are as happy as they choose to be.

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