Friday, 13 July 2012

"If you weren't born with it, just buy it"

It’s hectic, gnarley and a heaps sick aye.

Welcome to The Shire! Or the Sutherland Shire, a Local Government area in Southern Sydney.

It’s Australia’s newest ‘dramality’ show, portraying the best of the Aussie bogans.

Channel Ten said the show is made up of ‘hot surfers, vivacious models, girls next door, on-and-off couples, loveable rogues and entrepreneurs’...But it’s actually nothing like Jersey Shore.


It’s set to air Monday Channel Ten @ 8pm. I’m excited!

Don’t be a kook. Neck up with ya prawns and eshays and prepare for a Shire sesh.


Yiewww interj. Expression of excitement

Kook n. A crazy or eccentric person

Heaps sick aye adj. Very good yes

A long neck away adj. A measurement of time

Prawn n. Attractive body, unattractive head

Cheers to you adj. Here’s to enjoying this tasty beverage

Neck up v. Please be quiet

Sesh n. An enjoyable event with one or more person

Lamo n. Feeble individual

Eshay n. An Australian ‘lad’

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