Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Am I not pretty enough?

Tired of the way you look? Sick of feeling self-conscious/inadequate/not beautiful?

Maybe it’s time to start mirror-fasting!

Straight out of New York, this is the newest ‘diet’ (term used losely) craze to hit the homes of hundreds of women around the world.

Mirror-fasting New Yorker Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, says she started the trend because “I’d become aware that I had a mirror face.

“Whenever I saw my reflection I’d open my eyes a little wider, suck in my cheeks a little and tip my chin down in an effort to make myself look more like I wanted to. It made me feel really vain.”

Basically, the trick to the trend is to avoid mirrors all-together. This includes phone screens, shop windows and anything where any type of reflection can be seen.

Mirror-fasters claim it has helped them to separate their looks from their self-esteem and is “probably the most powerful secret to feeling beautiful.”

Guess you’d save a lot of money on makeup too!

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