Sunday, 5 August 2012

The legal speed

Recently I heard of the newest craze amongst the kids (lols) to get the most out of a night out.

Pre-drinking with pre-workout mixes.

You know those shakes they smash on Jersey Shore? Or those drinks people take instead of roids to get the most out of a workout? Kids are putting the pre-workout powder into alcoholic drinks and smashing them down like there’s no tomorrow.

Yeah sounds brilliant huh.

Apparently people are mixing things like E&E (energy and endurance), Craze, Jack3d and NO-Xplode with vodka, Jack Daniels and even whiskey before hitting the town just so they have to stamina to dance and stay out all night.

These mixes are designed to give you energy, endurance and strength as well as speed up your metabolism. They aren’t designed to be consumed alongside alcohol (obviously).


Let me explain:

The health risk is mixing a stimulant (pre-workout) and a depressant (alcohol). Duh. This is why Jaeger bombs are so bad for you. These mixes thin your blood, hence making you drunker quicker and not going to lie even if you think you’re a ‘tank’ and you decide to do this, you’ll probably blackout.

Plus these mixes dehydrate you (they contain so much caffeine), so have fun with that hangover.

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