Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sexy VS Skanky

Cut-out clothes are the norm these days. Designers seem to be taking a dress and snipping it for that ‘barely there’ look.

HOWEVER. Since I’ve been running around the town at 4am on a Sunday morning for a few years now (ha), I’ve noticed that cut-outs can be sexy...but only if you know how to do it right.

This is a prime example of ‘less is more’. No, not less fabric; less cut-outs.

According to Cosmo fashion guru ‘Glamo’ (yeah, wtf) girls should only be showing their delicate parts: back, shoulders, boobs (think peek-a-boob).

Side thighs and stomachs? N-O. NO.

And that crop top look? Yuck.

So basically, if a dress has the back cut-out – sexy. If the dress has the back, stomach and boobs chopped away – skanky.

And just a side note: always show off your sexy pins (just not in a thigh cut-out way).

Glamo says a delicate one-part-of-your-upper-body-showing is best, and sexier. Leave something to the imagination ladies.

Here’s Cosmo’s take:

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