Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Bingle Bungle?

Nope! Seems we all are curious as to what it’s like Being Lara Bingle!

It trended in the Twitterverse WORLDWIDE – so it seems like people do care, one way or the other.

TIP: if you’re being a hater and you decide to express your hate by hash tagging a topic YOU ARE HELPING TO TREND IT. So for that reason, LB’s new show was hash tag number two in Twitter, second only to #BecauseOfOneDirection (um?).

There was lots of love and plenty of hate from the tweeters (“@horanyforlarry: You’re a turkey love.”), but she’s hijacking our lounge rooms and if you don’t like it THEN CHANGE THE BLOODY CHANNEL.

As someone who’s addicted to reality TV, I thought it was great. Seemed genuine, the bit where her Gran yelled at her (over the nude pics) made me feel awkward/embarrassed/sad and when she got pulled over for driving on a suspended licence I wanted to throw a brick at her. Seriously.

 It was nice to see her a-la-naturale for once, and her teeth are so effing white.

Also, why is her brother 28 and only just moving out of home?

Sorry, 28 and moving out of his parents' and into a house with his sister?

@savecallantwit said: "#BeingLaraBingle is like a televised version of the hash tag #firstworldproblems". HI-larious! No really, that one made me giggle.

Really, her life seems pretty damn good (that apartment, anyone?) and I liked the show (not surprising), and whether you’ll admit it or not – there’s probably a (perhaps miniscule) piece of you that wishes you could be her too.

Hey! No judgement here.

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