Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Gen-Yers (and below) all have the same disease

No it’s not contagious, no it’s not sexually transmitted (mind out of the gutter please). It’s social media-itus. Yeah yeah, I know it’s already been talked about. Just ask my mother! She thinks I’m obsessed with Facebook. And yeah, I probably am. I also have Tumblr and Twitter – both of which I regularly update. 

Now, I’m in no way saying being obsessed is bad. Hey! If it weren’t for social media I wouldn’t have you guys reading my blog (which I am always so thankful for...so thankyou). I mean, I’m always on my iPhone looking at the internet, checking emails, checking notifications (well, tagged photos from the weekend really). The news says we are obsessed, impatient and socially-challenged. And lately it has got me thinking:

Why are we so obsessed with social media?

We come from an instantaneous generation. Everything has to be right now. How many times have you been frustrated by slow internet? Slow checkout lines? Slow traffic? Exactly. And with things like Facebook and Twitter, we can update to let everyone know what’s happening, right now. Post a status! Post a picture! Look at my coffee! Look at my dog! Look how much fun I’m having with my friends! Look at my boyfriend isn’t he sooooooooooo cute!

Seriously, that’s the shit I’m reading. And the obsession doesn’t stop there. I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel good about writing a status unless it gets a good amount of likes (and by good I mean 8 or more). If it gets less then shits awkward.

And I have to put a little side here: If you’re one of those bitches who gets 30 plus likes on everything you post...then please 1. Tell me your secret and 2. You really annoy me.

Another pressing point: WHY DO WE ADD PEOPLE WE DON’T EVEN LIKE!? Is it to compare ourselves to them? To make us feel better/worse? WHY!? I just don’t even.

I’m saying we are obsessed with ourselves, with being accepted. And in saying that I’m saying I’m obsessed with myself (not something I’d like to admit). We’re like toddlers saying ‘Mum! MUM! Look at me! Me me me!’

But those experts out there (seriously, do something better with your time), are also saying that we have poor ‘real-life’ skills. And by real-life skills I mean: face-to-face talking.

Sure, we may be wittier and braver over the internet, but everyone knows if some random adds you, they have 20 friends (none mutual) and their wall is filled with ‘Thanks for the add but do I know you?’ then you aint accepting that friend request.

What I’m saying is this: you need real friends to work it on the internet. And how do we Gen-Yers make real friends? We talk to them in person first. Stalk them on Facebook later.

So to all those experts spending their time criticising us over our social media obsession: Get over it, it’s just how times are changing – we have friends online because we have friends in real life. Oh, and it's my internet, I'll stalk if I want to.

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