Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Marrying Miley

With the (VERY publicised) news of southern princess Miley and Aussie heartthrob Liam planning on getting hitched, not many people have been shy on sharing their opinions.

She’s 19! 19? TOO YOUNG! She’s not ready! She’s just a baby! Baby? Must be pregnant!

But really, in of all this:

How young is too young to marry, and do we even have the right to judge?

Miley’s gone through a million more things than pretty much any other 19-year-old. She’s always in the tabloids: eating disorder, new man, gay?, wild child, pregnant.

She’s had to grow up faster than any of us – she’s probably more mature than my mum!

Who is anyone else to judge on whether or not she is in love and knows what she wants? At least they’ve been together for three years. I know people that have gotten engaged after just three months. Three months or three years? Take your pick.

Sure, we live in a time where people (cough KIM KARDASHIAN cough) don’t see marriage as sacred, but at least Liam didn’t propose with three cameras and a director.

So why do we have such a problem letting other people live their lives and fall in love? The gay marriage debate anyone?

IMO people should stop judging and start living their own lives. And here’s to hoping Miley doesn’t break Liam’s achey-breaky heart.

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