Friday, 22 June 2012

Growing up or not growing at all?

Today as I was ‘studying’ (10 mins writing, 2 hours Facebook) I found myself looking at MySpace. Yep, MySpace. Lawl.

Since I chucked a tanty and deleted mine years ago, in a stroke of genius I guessed a friend’s password and voila! I was on.

Looking at all the pictures from what seems like forever ago, I couldn’t help but wonder:

Do we ever really change from who we are in High School?

And I don’t mean physically. Yes, we look better now, we’ve lost weight/put on weight, changed our hair, changed our clothes (thankfully). But, when it comes down to it, we still have the same values.

We are friends with people because they’re cool, or something we aren’t. We look up to people who we deem as successful. We follow trends (or push against them). We enjoy drinking and parties and socialising. We’re still addicted to our phones and the internet. We use food to make us feel better, and sitting in circles is the only way to have a conversation.

We still value ourselves above anyone else. We’re still full of hopes and dreams and wonder. We still gossip, we still have crushes. We make friends. We lose friends. We’re still obsessed with celebrities and clothes and magazines.

So maybe we never really change, we just get older. We might’ve become more worldly, seen new things, met new people but are we actually different?

Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t. But go forth! Young Jedi's:
Travel the world, try new food, meet new people, visit places that amaze you

But never forget that High School (love it or hate it) is part of the reason why you are the way you are.  

Everything's better in hindsight anyway. Am I right, or am I right.

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