Thursday, 7 June 2012

Savvy or lazy?

Do it naked. Do it in bed. Do it drunk. Do it sideways (difficult), or do it standing up. You can do it any way you want – and yes, of course I’m talking about online shopping!

Apparently we love it. Lucy in the Sky, the Iconic, Nasty Gal (just to name a few). Currently, more and more shoppers are turning away from the actual stores and turning to online. And why wouldn’t you? You can buy a whole new outfit without ever leaving the house. But lately this craze has got me thinking:

Are we obsessed with online shopping, or are we just lazy?

Think about it. You can shop without getting dressed, without running into a frenemy or an ex. You can do it without putting on make-up, without brushing your teeth. You don’t have to be hassled by pushy salespeople. You can avoid the crowds and lines and children. And it’s all delivered straight to your door.

Seriously, why even bother stepping into a department store?

Apparently, 85% of us would rather online shop than brave the real world. That leaves only 15% willing to actually do the old-fashioned shopping thing.

FIFTEEN PERCENT. Don't get me wrong, I’m completely for it and can spend hours trawling the online shops (they usually have better stuff than the shops anyway AND you don’t have to search through the ugly crap for what you want). But I think there’s something sad to be said about us if only 15% of us actually get off our asses and go to the mall.

What happened to trying things on, to going shopping with girlfriends and really making a day of it?

Maybe we’re too busy for things like that and would rather shop on our lunch break without actually moving. Maybe we’ve been pushed to the edge by salespeople who pounce on you as soon as you step out of the change room ‘OOOOOOOH, that looks great. Try this too! OMG and you have to have this!!!I$@%!@##!’ Or when you’re in the change room and hear them approaching and screech ‘YES I’M FINE EVERYTHINGS FINE OKAY THANKS!

Oh and those change rooms where the mirror is only on the outside!? Don’t even get me started.

Online shopping is God’s way of telling us to spend spend spennnnnnd. Because when you’re paying from your credit card, you can spend way more than you would if you had cash. Am I right, or am I right!

So go for it all you like, do it all day if you want! But (IMO), nothing beats that feeling when you’ve had a mammoth shopping day and you can proudly carry around all your bags and you’re all ‘oh hey look at me, I did just buy a million things for the cheapest price EVER. But nbd.’ (or is that just me?)

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