Monday, 25 June 2012

Twin power or just double trouble?

Annnnd for today’s second blog I wanted to do an inspiration post. This one is dedicated to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, whom I love.

Loved them when they were little, didn’t really love them when they dressed like hobos, love them now.

Even though they've been labelled as fashion victims and hopeless dressers, they were named women’s wear designers of the year 2012 and have recently launched their spring/summer collection. Must be doing something right, right?

With 14 films, 4 TV shows, a fashion line and even a stint at singing under their belts (anyone else remember that?) safe to say these beautiful, primal-faced twins have made it big time in the biz.

Side: Mary-Kate is dating 43-year-old Frenchie Oliver Sarkozy (apparently). Ashley is dating JOHNNY DEPP!? This is all heresay, I take no responsibility!

Here’s a look at MK&A through the years:

I know not everyone will like this post, but I happen think they're fashionable and chic. And have done pretty damn good for two girls growing up with the public watching their every move. Kudos.

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